Championing each child's right to play

Each child has the right to play, and we argue passionately for this fundamental entitlement to be supported and protected on all fronts. We engage proactively in public consultations and conferences, drawing up position papers and presenting relevant research. Above all, we speak up on behalf of Hong Kong's children and help them to put forward their distinctive views.

We emphasize how social and policy issues and decisions, facilities, services and systems affect children's daily lives, calling on the Government and all sectors to give children's needs due attention and priority in all planning and decision making. (To study our position papers, please click on Research Resources)

Development and research

Through a variety of channels we collect and interpret the views, behavioural disposition and needs of parents, children, professionals and community leaders with respect to child play. During the past decade, our development and research work has provided a valuable foundation for the study of child play in Hong Kong and elsewhere. We conduct and publish in depth studies and analyses of the current situation, trends and needs in the area of play. Each year sees a large scale survey, the most recent being the August 2007 survey on the Views of Hong Kong Public Hospital Staff towards Play in Hospital.

The articles, position papers and regular publications resulting from such work are proving increasingly effective in conveying play related information, viewpoints and attitudes to the Government and the public and they naturally provide strong support for our advocacy work.

Constructing a play knowledge exchange platform

We regularly invite local and overseas experts to address international conventions and seminars and we shall shortly be hosting the 17th International Play Association World Conference 2008 (hyperlink) with the support of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Our theme for the conference is “Play in a Changing World”. This event will provide an opportunity to explore the essence, functions and values of child play from a global perspective and to discuss the various social, political, economic, environmental and health trends that are closely associated with play.

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