Play Outreach

Unfolding the whole world of play

Playright rightly believes that play is everywhere. We thus reach out through different types of workshops to schools and families alike, and also explore the rich variety of play opportunities afforded by parks, hospitals and other communal settings, and commercial and residential developments.

In hospitals, we organize therapeutic play for child patients through our Hospital Play Service so that they can recover more quickly as well as share in the fun of play. We drive our Playright Playmobile out into the community and to schools, turning outdoor recreational spaces into vibrant playgrounds. With Sino Group as partner, we pioneered i-kidz Playland, an exploratory play platform in Tuen Mun Town Plaza shopping mall. And each year in Central we mount Playstreet, a large scale play carnival that offers fresh new opportunities to all children, particularly those who do not regularly enjoy the luxury of a large space to play.

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