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Honorary Advisor’s Message2020-02-11T10:52:22+00:00

Our future is our children, and our children’s future is the present!

It is the shared responsibility of the Government and society to take collective actions to make Hong Kong fit for our children. There is an urgent need to have a total review of our child-related system from policy, strategic planning, organization and services provision levels using a right-based, life-course and ecological approach.

Playright’s mandate to advocate children’s play is firmly rooted in the Convention on the Rights of the Child of 1989. Children’s play should be non-compulsory, driven by intrinsic motivations and undertaken for its own sake.

Through our services and programmes, we demonstrate the value of play that is led by children. Nevertheless, to make play advocacy sustainable and scalable, empowering adults and professionals, as well as building partnerships are essential. We are glad to see wider recognition of play. I hope more people and groups will join us to make Hong Kong a better place for our children.

Dr Chow Chun-bong, BBS, JP

Honorary Advisor of Playright Children’s Play Association