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In the world of play, children are always the experts. Adults whose childhood has passed often have little understanding of play. Hence, to ensure the realization of children’s play, we must enable adults to know, experience, reflect, recognize and master concepts of children’s play, itsvalues, knowledge, skills, and methods .

In 2017, we received a generous donation from The Marden Foundation to support the development of training and empowerment, as well as the establishment of a professional resource hub. To achieve this, the first step was to purchase a permanent premise in Kwun Tong.

Since its early years, Playright has organized training courses on play. We have continued to accumulate experiences, to bring forth the new and to launch different courses for different professions. In order to broaden the horizons and to elevate professional standards, we actively and closely collaborate with overseas and local professional organizations to introduce the latest knowledge, experiences and professional code of practice to Hong Kong. We also adjust and localize the courses so that the training can suit local needs while meeting international standards.

The collaborations include:

  • Hitoshi Shimamura, founder of Tokyo Play, who was invited to be the main speaker of the public training project of the community playground
  • Course on Hospital Play co-organized with the HKU School of Professional and Continuing Education (HKU-SPACE)
  • Seminar on Indoor Play Space jointly organized with the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA)

The training programmes organized in the past include:

  • “Certificate in Hospital Play Specialists Training” organized in 1995
  • “Playground safety inspection course” held in 2000
  • The 17th International Play Association World Conference organized in 2008
  • “Playwork Certificate Course” held in 2008
  • “Certificate Playground Safety Inspector Course (USA)” held in 2009
  • “Play in Special Needs School Training Programme” launched in 2011
  • “Play for ALL” seminar held in 2012
  • “Playful Parent Class” launched in 2012
  • “Seed School Training Programme” launched in 2017
  • “Realization of Free Play – Seminar on Seed School Training Programme” held in 2018
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