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Children start their schooling at an early age. Hence, it would be ideal if play could be integrated into their school life. Starting from 2011, we have introduced play in special schools. Through demonstration, training for teachers, on-site consultancy and de-briefing and parents’ talks, we have helped teachers to arrange free play on their own.

In response to the requirement that “half-day and whole-day kindergartens should arrange children to participate in free play lasting for no less than 30 and 50 minutes respectively every day” stipulated in the “Kindergarten Education Curriculum Guide” issued by the Education Bureau in early 2017, we seized the opportunity to launch the “Seed School Training Programme”. With different characteristics of schools in mind, we arranged demonstration, training and on-site consultancy and de-briefing to equip school teachers master the skills of arranging free play.

We hope that the concept of “Seed Schools” will be expanded so that free play time can be extended from kindergartens to all pre-school settings, special schools and primary schools.

Seed School
The first batch (2017-18)Hong Kong Vernacular Normal Schools Alumni Association School

Po Leung Kuk Vicwood Chong Kee Ting Kindergarten & Nursery

The EdUHK Early Childhood Learning Centre

The Women’s Welfare Club (Eastern District) Nursery Hong Kong

Tung Wah Group of Hospitals Fong Lai Ming Nursery School

The second batch (2018-19)Caritas Lions Club Hong Kong (Pacific) Nursery School

C&MA Church Tai Wo Kindergarten

HKCS Kwun Tong Nursery School

HKYWCA Cheung Ching Nursery School

TWGHs Nickon Kindergarten

Yuen Long Church (CCC) Long Ping Estate Chan Kwong Kindergarten

Special Child Care Centre / Special School
2011-2017Caritas Lok Jun School
Joined in 2014, then self-sustaining on free play sessionCaritas Lok Hing Child Care Centre
Joined in 2015, then self-sustaining on free play sessionCaritas Lok Kan School
Joined in 2016, then self-sustaining on free play sessionHeep Hong Society Chan Chung Hon Centre

Heep Hong Society Yu Ming Centre

Heep Hong Society Shui Pin Wai Centre

Hong Chi Morninghope School, Tuen Mun

Joined in 2018Heep Hong Society Catherine Lo Centre

Heep Hong Society Wanchai Centre

Heep Hong Society Wan Tsui Centre

Play in the kindergarten
School-based realization of Playright’s Free Play
Free play for children in kindergarten
Play for children with special needs